Sunday, September 25, 2011


We went to the UNK homecoming parade on Saturday with some new friends from church.  We got some delicious doughnuts and then claimed our spot.  The kids loved it.  People passed out candy which was the highlight.  We'll have to work on Emmie's candy grabbing skills.  I'll be sure and practice with her so we'll be ready for next year.

Holey pants

This is what crawling as fast as lighting does to your shorts.   Someone needs to start walking...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crusty old Bike

I am still riding my mid-90s Specialized Stump Jumper hardtail.  I still love it, although a full suspension would be nice.  In any case, the original tires are still going strong, but the grips had long since turned weird colors, started ripping and getting really crusty.  So, I replaced them.  Here's the old one.  It was about time, right?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiddo Crazies

A few videos to help all the grandparents understand what Julianne is putting up with these days.  These kids are nuts.  I like how at some point in every video Emmie manhandles Pete, he gets upset for a few seconds, and then they're off to the races again.  Crazy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Behold the braid

Two things.
1. Emmie has a little friend named Mya.  She has beautiful blond hair past her shoulders.  Emmie has been asking for Mya's "turney hair" (braid) since we saw her last week.  This morning I thought I would try a french braid and it worked!  It stayed in all of church with the help of half of my hairspray bottle.  See for yourself.  

2. Emmie wore this skirt her grandma made for her.  It is adorable and someone at church wants to make one.  I think I might make another one too.  Mom, would you mind mailing the pattern?  Thanks.

New Pillows

This post is mostly for my mom and Linda.  I don't think many other people really care about pillows so if you don't, don't read on.

Our couch has been looking really sad lately.  I think it is a combination of years, jumping on it and Pete spit up spots.  I wanted to spruce it up a bit and find something that wouldn't clash with our mauve motif so I made new pillow covers.  I love the fabric.  If I could cover the whole couch in it I would. 



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mtn. Nebraska?

Well, it was more "Hill Biking" but it was awesome.  A new Kearney friend, Chris, and I drove the 1 hour west to Potter's Pasture to try out the single-track out there.  Believe it or not, it was actually really great!  The land sits on a series of hills, ridges, and valleys covered in small pine and cedar forests.  Chris and I hadn't ridden in a long time, so we were equally out of shape - and pleasantly surprised with the quality of trails.  The weather was perfect - mid-70s, slight breeze, white puffy clouds lazily floating across the sky.  Some really technical sections with deep ruts, roots, etc...  Some great ridge and valley single track where you could shift into the hard gears and get some good speed.  And, all along the way - lots of cowpies.  It is a pasture, after all.  So - those were some unanticipated obstacles.  It was great.  A good 2-3 hour ride and we probably only covered about 1/4 of the trails.  Adding to the pastoral motife, all of the trail names were on stakes, written on cow ear tags like this:

Big thanks to the apparently active community and crew that keeps this place maintained! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Pete-ster is 11 months

I can't believe this kid is almost one!  It seems like he has always been huge.  I can hardly remember him as a little baby!

He has so many tricks let me name some:
1.  Wave- single and double
2.  Points
3. Lays his head on his shoulder when he is pretending to be tired
4.  Blows excellent raspberries
5.  Can drink out of a straw
6.  Shakes his head "no" 
7.  Can crawl up and DOWN the stairs
8.  Gives the best slobbery open mouth kisses
9.  Can stand on his own with no intention of walking anywhere
10.  Almost has the command "spit it out" down.  He likes to put EVERYTHING in his mouth

Gettin my craft on

We needed a kitchen table really bad.  The one we had we got for free from my parent's neighbors.  It was a beautiful fake wood and gold ensemble which was quickly painted black.  Well, we were driving by Goodwill the other day and noticed a table and chairs in their "donate" section out back.  I made Brenden go in to see when it would be for sale.  It was fate.  $16 later it was ours.  After a lot of scrubbing, priming, painting, glazing, and reupholstering, it went from drab to fab as they say. 



Preschool portrait

Emmie came home with this her first day of preschool.   I am guessing it is a self portrait.  I think it is pretty good... the hair is pretty much spot on. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lincoln and Labor Day

We don't know many people in Kearney just yet and the 4 people we do know had plans for Labor day so invited ourselves over to Brad and Emily's for the weekend.  They really are the best bed and breakfast in Lincoln.  They even leave a mint on our pillow (just kidding).  We had fun as usual.  Here are the crazies, big baby, and little bitty baby. 

On another note, it is SOOOO nice out.  It went from 95 degrees to about 70 in a day.  We ate outside for dinner and Pete loved the beans.  He loved them so much he rubbed them all over his head.  Who knew beans could be the new gel? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few Kearnies hanging with the Carnies

We headed to the Nebraska State Fair yesterday.  We decided to go on the hottest day possible.  I believe it was 93.  If I were in Arizona everyone would stay that was a "cool day" but here is is sooooo  humid.  I think every inch of my body was sweating (even my eyelids were sweating).  

Our friends from Lincoln, Robert and Jaime met us in Grand Island with their 2 cute kids Jack and Benjamin.  Benjamin even got on the evening news... they are kind of a big deal. 

I have never seen Emmie more excited than when she saw all the rides.  She jumped right on this coaster even though she didn't meet the height requirements (gotta love those carnies).  The sign said she was supposed to ride with an adult.  I guess Jack counts as an adult.  I can't lie, it made me a little nervous seeing her race by in that caterpillar. 

Have you seen a face so red before?  We applied sunscreen twice while there.  Emmie reminded me of a chameleon who immediately turned color when she hit the heat.  

And you can't miss the photo op in front of the cattle hide.  So here we are... Nebraska State Fair 2011.   My favorite part of this photo is Emmie's Groucho Marx impression.  Someone please eat some funnel cake for me... it was just so hot I opted for ice cream.