Sunday, January 29, 2012


My friend Leah and I tried to take a trip to Denver before Christmas but we were snowed in!  We were so sad.  I left my suitcase packed for a week after that.  Well, our husbands let us try it again and we made it a couple weekends ago (she had a free night in a Marriott)! I had never left my family like that before.  I have to admit, it was so nice shopping without anyone hanging on my leg (Brenden) or having to accommodate hungry children and naps.

We met up with my oldest friend Carla who lives there and Leah's friend Sarah.  It was awesome. We started out on the 16th street mall and the new H&M.  From there we ate and walked leisurely through another shopping mall and the next day spent 4 hours in Ikea.  Did you know you can spend 4 hours in Ikea?  Well, you can without children.  

This is the carpet in the hotel.  I want it in my house. 

Downtown Denver.  I love it.  It was so fun walking around at 11:00PM with thousands of other people.  It was much different coming from Kearney where everyone is in bed by 9:00PM. 

We ate to our hearts content. 

The damage.  Its a good thing only there were only 2 of us in the car.  No one else would have fit.  I'd like you to know this is not all my stuff.  It's Leah's... haha!  Just kidding Leah.

Brenden- you are awesome!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Quick disclaimer: We are incredibly fortunate to have found a place to rent in Kearney that has enough space for our family.  It is in a great neighborhood, has a backyard, swingset, double car garage, etc....

However, this house has some issues. 
We suspect it was designed by Mike Brady in the 70's with no concern for child safety. 

Problem1: Banister railings too far apart.
We finally put up some twine so Pete would stop squeezing his body through to jump to the lower level.  It was either the twine or feed him more so he wouldn't fit through.

Problem 2:  Kid sized oven.  
Does this really seem safe?  My 3 year old and 1 year old can open the oven.  Not to mention turning the oven on and setting the timer.  There have been many days where I thought the fire alarm was going off but really it was the oven timer.  Thanks to the kids we have also come home to the oven being on... but for how long is the real question.

Problem 3: Stairs.
 I know this isn't a safety violation per se,  but it definitely violates my decor sensibilities.  I am talking about the carpeted walls.  Maybe this would be considered an improvement in safety.

Problem 4:  Fire place.
Notice that you can't see the fireplace in this picture.  It is hidden well behind our card table.  Thanks to B for his quick thinking.  I was tired of cleaning up soot off of Pete's clothes, mouth and face. 

Problem 5: Pete
I just wanted to show everyone how good my son is at climbing the furniture.  Normally his is standing up trying to turn on the fan!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Travel / Photo blog

Did we mention that we started a 2nd blog.  Just for fun.