Friday, November 30, 2012


Emmie's preschool class had a Thanksgiving Feast last week.  Brenden was able to go watch them sing their turkey songs and eat their delicious food.  The class got to choose what to serve and went on a field trip to the store to purchase all the items the day before.  Emmie's contribution was celery and peanut butter. By looking at her plate it seems there were more delicious items on the menu!

She even made her own Thanksgiving place mat.   I love how creative she is with spelling her name these days and how she included her favorite person... her babysitter Laura.

Here is her cute class.  I can't believe Brenden convinced her to wear jeans! It's a good thing we have this picture to prove it!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Friends

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Our friends John and Carla drove over from Colorado.  It was really fun having them here.  We had our actual Thanksgiving Feast with John and Carla our other Kearney friends.  Brenden made a delicious bird and gallons of gravy!  We ate until we were stuffed which means it was a successful meal!

Here is the "kids table".  It makes me a little sad that the only thing my kids ate were rolls.  Oh well... to each their own, right?

The adults played scum with a twist!  John and Carla brought jelly bellies along with their Beanboozled cousins.  They look exactly the same but one is a delicious flavor like pear while the other is booger.  It was hilarious!  Whoever became scum had to pick out of the pot. 

This is a picture of Brett's Thor hammer.  He brought it along with him and throughout the weekend Pete slowly ate it.  Yes, Pete is half animal.  Thankfully we sent him back with a new one.

Here is the gang... Taryn and Brett were so good and patient with Red and Little red.  They loved having them here!  I included all of the pictures because while Taryn and Brett look good in each and every picture Emmie tried really hard. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trick or Treating

Trick or Treat.

Carving pumpkins 2012

We signed up to host a couple Korean students (Min and Ray) who attend UNK.  We are supposed to have them over a few times a month and let them experience what life is like in America. It has been really fun so far.  The kids LOVE them.  We had them over for a hotdog roast... they had never eaten a hot dog or cheetos or smores! We invited them to Pete's birthday party and last month we had them over to carve pumpkins.  They had never carved a pumpkin. They were pretty ambitious and did some pretty detailed carving.  Brenden and I went the easy route with some triangles and circles.