Friday, February 10, 2012

Dress up

We had a dessert auction fundraiser tonight for the girls at church to raise money for camp.  It was advertised as "dress up like your favorite decade".  I took this to heart and pulled out my 25 year old crimper as well as my teeny tiny barreled curling iron.  I have saved them both for such an occasion.  I love dressing up. 

I talked my good friend into dressing up with me.  We showed up and were the only two dressed up.  Come on people!  I thought my hair looked amazing.
I was going for this...

I think I might just leave it for tomorrow.  Pete really loved my bangs.  He kept trying to push them down. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spot the Baby

10:24 PM.  Checking on kids before bed.

100 points if you can find Peter.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Day, Pt. 3

If you missed it, parts 1 and 2 were us looking at the dump from last night and me slaving away and putting my back our shoveling.  Literally the moment I walked in from shoveling, the kids were geared up in snow pants and ready to play outside.  I requested a 30 minute break, which Julianne kindly granted.  After some food, Pete, Emmie, Kate, Julianne and Kate's Dad Chris headed out.

Pete struggled a bit because the snow was so deep and heavy.  He tumbled around, took an actual spill face-first onto the pavement, and was still having so much fun that he put up quite a fight when Julianne took him in.

 Emmie and Kate did some "sledding," mucked around and threw chunks of snow at me.

 Last, I filled my annual fatherly duty of making a snowman.  Although Julianne insists it is a great traditional looking snowman, I always dream of Calvin and Hobbes-esque snowman masterpieces.  He made it look so easy, but rolling up huge balls of heavy wet snow, lifting them onto one another, making them rough, is isn't that easy.  Maybe next year...

 I must say, however, that is a darn good snowman.  Emmie approved.

Today's Shoveling, Tomorrow's Back Pain

I took a few preemptive ibuprofens and headed outside to shovel.  It look about 1 1/2 hours to do enough of the driveway to get a single car through. 

The snow plows got stuck for about 25 minutes,

The entire driveway was a 30-36 snow drift of HEAVY wet snow.

Almost done...oh wait - I  have to shovel the huge mound of snow the city snow plows created.  Another 30 minutes...

So tired.

Winter is Back!

We had a couple good snow storms in early December, but for the last 6-7 weeks it has been unseasonably warm.  I averaged it out, and our average high has been over 47 or so.  4-5 days in the 60s, about 15 days in the 50s.  Unreal.  

When we went to be last night it had just started snowing.  This morning we have a good 8-10 inches with some 2-3 ft. snow drifts on the driveway. 

Opening the Garage Door.  The snow is heavy and wet - sticking to the door.

 We can't see out of a number of our windows.

 And to think - I grilled Teriyaki Chicken on that grill about 14 hours ago.


  My driveway is under the drift somewhere.  That will be fun to shovel.