Friday, February 1, 2013

What Pete Ate

Either my parents or Brenden's parents got Pete a book called "What Pete Ate". It is about a dog named Pete who eats something from every letter of the alphabet.  It is a very cute book and very fitting for our "Pete". I have decided to start a new blog series called What Pete Ate.  It amazes me that this kid is still alive since he eats all sorts of strange things. 

Wednesday: One blue crayon from the child watch at the Y.  Yes, he had blue teeth.
Thursday: Lotion out of my purse.  He was eating it like it was a packet of applesauce. 
Friday: One ping pong ball (which he didn't swallow) and a white crayon which he spit out and made his teeth extra white.

I would like to add that I lifted up his pillow to make his bed just now and I found one half of a red vine, a pile of potato chips and 2 sweet tarts.  Looks like he was saving the good stuff for later.