Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Mystery

If you can correctly identify what this was supposed to be, you get a prize.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Warning:  This is going to be a LONG post.

We are lucky, blessed people.  The list of all the things, people and blessings for which we are thankful is way to long to blog about, so here are just a few specific things that we are thankful for today.
  1. Yummy food
  2. Full bellies
  3. Gregg and Rachael for coming and visiting us in Nebraska
We have been cooking up a storm the last couple days.  Among other things, we tackled our first turkey.  In the end, it was honestly one of the tastiest, juiciest turkeys I've ever had!

First, Thomas the Turkey.

Here is Tom soaking in a brine (in a ice chest) overnight.

Now brined, Tom was stuffed with some aromatics (onion, apple, cinnamon, rosemary and sage), roasted at HIGH temp to brown the skin and then fitted with a tinfoil shield to protect his succulent white meat from overcooking.

The result LOOKED good...but how did it taste?

Ready to carve.

Getting in touch with my inner caveman.

The carcass of a delicious, delicious bird.

Next, the supplementary eats:

A Pie in the making

Gregg's requested Cherry Pie + Rachael's creepy smile

Rachael taming the wild chocolate filling

Valley d'Ouefs

Gregg inspecting something chocolatey


You know what would go well with meat?  Meat Sauce.  Long live gravy!

 The Full spread.  Taters, gravy, turkey, stuffing, rolls, salad, beans+carrots

Overcooked Chocolate Cheesecake

 Homemade (by Rachael) Cherry Pie!  (village inn apple pie not pictured)

Last, the culprits






The Eggman

Creepy pilgrim women

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes, it is

Emmie was eating breakfast this morning - oatmeal and an orange.  I had left the kitchen, and when I came back Julianne had also given her an English muffin with peanut butter.  I said, "Is that a peanut butter muffin?"  Emmie then looked up at me and very clearly enunciated, "Yes, it is."  Very matter-of-factly.  Usually she just blurts out a "yup," or something of the sort.  Julianne and I both looked at each other immediately - surprised by the such a coherent, calm statement from our usually crazy and hyperactive child.  Very funny.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Recent pics

 Is it too much to ask to get one decent picture of these two?  I had to bribe Emmie with a starburst just to get her to sit down and hold Pete.

Emmie's hair is really coming in now.  She has these crazy stringy bangs though.  I really want to cut them but I fear she will look like Lloyd Christmas.  What do you think?  Do I just let them grow?

Pete's hair unfortunately fell out only on the front half of his head.   The good news is there are tiny little sprouts of hair growing. If you click on the picture and make it extra large you can see the new hair.  I think it will be blond!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Cute but crazy... but the red head is a little more crazy. 

No more sweets

Just last night Brenden and I were lying in bed talking about how we both have a problem with portion control and how we were going to eat better. 

This is what Brenden ate for lunch today...

In case you can't tell, it is a double-decker hamburger. This just screams portion control doesn't it?

Also- B and I have sworn off sweets until Christmas with the exception of Ivanna Cone when Gregg and Rachael come and Thanksgiving day.  So all you people who tempt us with treats on a regular basis (namely Brad and Emily), go easy on us!  We're bringing sexy back.

Friday, November 12, 2010

First Snow

It started snowing tonight while we were swimming at the Y with the Rogers.  By 10:30 we have about an inch.  It is really wet and heavy slop, so tomorrow's forecast of 48 degrees should melt it pretty quick.  I don't think I'm ready for shoveling, scraping, etc . . .

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Next year Emmie is going as a greased pig for Halloween

Have you ever had this happen when your kids get REALLY quiet and you know they are getting into something?  Well, we had that happen yesterday.  Imagine this... me going into our bedroom where I know Emmie has recently been to find her covered in Aquaphor.  Not the lotion kind, the petroleum jelly kind.  I don't just mean her hands covered, I mean her entire body.  Head, arms, torso, legs, feet... How does one clean up a huge mess like this?   She was like a baby seal who got stuck in a oil spill.  I remembered all those Dawn commercials and the oil covered ducks so I ran to the kitchen to grab the dish detergent. It worked, kind of.  Her skin is now softer than Pete's.

FYI- earlier in the day she covered her whole face, neck, and wall in Burts Bee's Wax.  Her eyes were red and she kept saying her cheeks hurt.  She did smell minty fresh though.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Emmie's Fashion Sense

Julianne went to a Yoga class this morning at the Y.  So naturally, I took the opportunity to let Emmie dress herself.  Here is the result.  I think she has a keen eye for fashion, just like her mom.

Of course, she wouldn't cooperate for a nice picture.  

Patterned skirt, striped tights, ugg boots, owl shirt. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

1 month

 Happy 1 month birthday Pete!  Its hard to believe that he has been around for a month already!  It seems like only yesterday I was walking around with feet swollen up like the Michelin man.

He went to the doctor today.  He now weighs 10 pounds and 7 ounces (68%).  His head is in the 33%.  Apparently, our families have small heads.  Speaking of heads... I asked the doctor about his hair loss.  Of course hair loss is normal but I debated asking him about Rogaine for newborns.     

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emmie and Pete

Our friend Stacie took Pete and Emmie's picture a few weeks ago when Pete was about a week old.  I thought I would post a few. They turned out really cute.  Thank you Stacie!