Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its official

I know most of you have been wondering where we would end up next year.  We've made a decision.  Are you ready?  Drum roll please....

I know what you're thinking.  Where is Kearney?  Well, it is 2 hours west of Lincoln.  Have you ever driven on I-80 across Nebraska?  Well, it is where the huge tourist trap archway museum is. We have been praying to move west.  I guess the Lord answered our prayers but maybe I'll be more specific next time.

Brenden has accepted a one-year visiting professorship at The University of Nebraska-Kearney. YAY!  It will be a really good first job.  The best part is I get to retire and reintroduce myself to my kids.  We are both really excited!

So, look up Kearney, NE.  I know you are all dying to come visit!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The bunny didn't disappoint

Well, we had a pretty low key Easter.  We had a big Easter dinner yesterday so we had us some delicious homemade mac and cheese for dinner tonight.  

We sneaked into Emmie's room last night and hid a bunch of eggs.  She came out with an arm full of eggs this morning. I've never seen her so happy.  The bunny also hid the baskets in the garage... he got Emmie the blue pony (who she named Coney...that's right, Coney the pony.  The pony also came with a small chipmunk who she named Ken) she's been dreaming about.

 When she found the baskets she said, "Its my birthday party!" Um, not yet.

Even Pete got a basket filled with very practical things like sunscreen.  The bunny must know he doesn't have much on top.

 The bunny also found a good deal on a wagon.  If you look really hard you see Pete literally wedged in with a boppy pillow.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pete's Hair is Finally Coming in!

Getting ready for the bunny

Emmie is so excited about Easter.   I promise we have tried really hard to teach her about how Jesus died and was resurrected, but for some reason she is way more excited about the candy. All she can talk about is how the bunny is going to bring her a blue pony (my little pony- not a real one).

We decided to dye some eggs last night to get ready for Easter.  Every time I dye eggs I wonder why I am doing it.  Who started this?  Does anyone really even eat hard boiled eggs?  It just makes your house smell like pickles.  We all know I am crazy about pickles but I don't want my house smelling like a pickle factory.

This last one is Brenden trying to get Emmie to eat an egg.  She wasn't having it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hung

What is the next best thing to trick-or-treating?  Why, its a good 'ol Easter Egg Hunt! Our friend Emily had the great idea to invite friends to the park for a hunt.  The kids played while the guys "hid" the eggs.  The kids loved it.  Emmie was in Heaven shaking each egg and emptying the contents into her mouth as fast as she could.  That kid loves candy... maybe more than movies.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iphone= my best friend

Props to B for being so nice and getting me a nice iphone...especially when it is at the top of his want list.  I have been needing a new phone for a while.  Phone #1:  death by 409.  Phone #2:  death by Emmie.  Phone #3:  death by bathroom floor (it fell out of my pocket as I was picking toys off the floor- just wanted to clarify).  I am really not that careless with my phones... they have all just been old phones.  Now, if you talk to my sister-in-law (we'll call her Rachael) would say there is nothing wrong with old phones. She has had the same phone for years and can text faster than anyone I know.  That is a different story. This blog is about my iphone, my best friend. 

I have had a ton of fun taking pictures.  There is nothing better than the Polaroid app.  I find it so satisfying to give it a little shake and see the picture slowly emerge. 

You have the cute baby Pete:

The crazy Emmie (that is a grape in her mouth... her tongue is not really that shiny).

We get to document Pete's firsts like eating ice cream (this is actually the second time he's had ice cream- we're good parents).

And how we try to feed Emmie only food that matches her hair.

So, thank you Brenden.  You are too good to me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

6 Months Old

The Petester is 6 months old (yesterday)!

Latest tricks:  raspberries and blowing bubbles, rolling around, inch-worming, chewing on his entire fist, getting out of his blanket wraps, squawking inappropriately loud.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pioneer's Park

We enjoyed conference this weekend. It didn't start until 11:00AM today so we packed up the kids and took them to Pioneer's park for a little nature walk.  Lorinda and Matthew got us this nifty backpack for Pete last Christmas.  It was finally warm enough to go use it!

Little Pete couldn't handle the excitement. 
It was nice to finally go out without all the winter garb!