Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Family fun

We don't have immediate family in Utah but we do have Brenden's awesome cousin Kelsey and her family in Orem.  They are some of my favorite people and we are lucky to be related to them... and now we live in the same state! They were kind enough to drive up and spend Labor Day with us.

We played the Bean Boozled game. Have you heard of it?  They are jelly bellies that look the same but have a good flavor and a nasty flavor.  I guess vomit was too much for Kelsey because she lost her cookies and poor Macy started crying for fear of eating a gross one.  We still feel terrible!  They were good sports to put up with our shenanigans.

We also wrapped the girls in TP, pushed a ping pong ball across the floor with our heads, and ate a powdered doughnut with no hands... all of which the Navasard clan won hands down. 

I had to throw this blast from the past in here... don't we look like babies?


I decided 2 things the other day.  One- I need to do more structured learning time with the kids now that school had started and two- I need to use my good camera more.  I hadn't taken a single picture with it since we moved to Utah.  That still sounds funny... moved to Utah!

We painted pictures and faces.  That's how we roll.