Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emmie edited

We have been messing around with some of our digital images on the computer. We're not very good at it, but its fun to mess around. Here are some results.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some new Emilia Pictures

Julianne has been on a photo-snapping spree. Here are some of the latest results.

(full album here)

Emmie has been really fascinated by her fingers lately, like she just had an epiphany - "Oh my goodness! What ARE these things attached to my hands?!?!" She chews on them quite a bit and likes grabbing at your face.

Julianne likes this one for some reason. Maybe its the chubby cheeks.

Emmie laying on the living room ottoman.

Emmie's toes.

Emmie laying on her back. We had a few scares when she tucked her knees to her tummy and almost rolled right off the thing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NW friends

Dear NW friends,

do you live in the Pacific Northwest or within driving distance of Portland, OR? Are you in dire need of convincing the world that you are indeed attractive? If so, I have a great friend that is starting a photography business in Portland and does some great stuff. Also, his prices are VERY good. Check him out at You Look Nice Today Photography.


Friday, October 10, 2008

4 months old Tomorrow

Can you believe it?! We can't. Emilia will be 4 months old tomorrow. On one hand it seems like she just barely arrived, but in another way it seems like she's always been here. She is starting to laugh and squeal. She is also start to intentionally grab things and play with them. In the words of Grandma Jody, she's gifted. Well, she certain is "special," if you know what I mean. So far we've identified one major talent - spitting. Wow. She has that one mastered. Its her super power. We'll call her Spit-Girl. Or Captain "I just ruined 3 of my mom favorite outfits in one day" Woman. Despite the prolifically of her projectile drools, we love her. Lots.

Here's a few new pictures.

Check out my awesome torso.

My quacker PJs

"My dad is just a goober."

Just lounging on the lawn

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Presidential Debate reactions from my class

So, I told my students that they could get extra credit for watching Tuesday's Presidential debate fi they turned in a short paper listing 3 things they liked and disliked about each candidate. Out of the ones turned in so far (about 40), there were 2 things that almost everyone said in their responce, or during our short Q&A in class today.

  1. They didn't like when either candidate talked negatively about the other. Many disliked McCain's snide comments and sarcastic attempts at humor directly negatively at Obama. They also didn't like Obama talking so much about past things that McCain had done.
  2. When asked if the debate changed their mind about who they were voting for, only 2 people raised their hands.
Make what you will of this, but I found it interesting.