Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring road trip

The kids and I had planned a trip back to Nebraska last year when we moved to Utah.  I knew we would have some time while Emmie was on break so we packed up the car and hit the road.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  She is nuts. Yup.  On paper this trip looked completely doable. We would drive to Denver (about 8 hours) and stay with my best friend, Carla then make our way to Kearney (another 5 hours) then to Lincoln (2 hours) and then Omaha (1 hour).  I didn't take into account rush hour or freak snow storms which seriously hindered our time. Overall, this was a great trip.  It was totally worth being in the car for hours on end with crazy people to visit our best friends.

Now I am going to get sappy. I miss these people.  These are the first people Brenden and I met as newly weds. These people were aunts, uncles and cousins to my kids and family on Easters and Thanksgivings. Some for 24 years (oh my Carla! We are old!) some for 10 years, and some for less but each has made a huge impact in my life (and the life of my family). I am grateful for each one of you! 

So thanks for letting us come. Even if we messed up your house, ate all your food, barfed on your floor, and stole your underwear (Hmm... Peter). We enjoyed every minute of it. And by the way... it's all your turn! Our doors are open, just tell us when!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Grandpa Pete and Grandma Linda were able to come visit for Easter.  It was really fun having them here.  They took us to the Dinosaur park in Ogden.  This place is great! My kids were in heaven and still talk about it.


Grandpa Pete has taught each of his grandchildren to ride their bike.  He taught Emmie last summer and we knew Peter was going to be ready this trip.  Grandpa Pete came just in time! Peter is now a pro.  Thanks to grandpa! 

We went to our ward's Easter egg hunt.  The kids brought home a ton of eggs which Brenden and I proceeded to take out the "mom and dad tax".  

The Easter bunny came to our house.  Peter got a new baseball and mitt.  I think he might have a future in baseball. 

It was an awesome weekend!  Thank you to Grandpa Pete and Grandma Linda for making it more memorable!

April: the month of travel part 1

At the end of March, my sister, Carianne, found out that they were selected to adopt a baby girl.  My parents were scheduled to come up and visit but cancelled their trip when they found out the news.  I couldn't be left out of the fun and wanted to go see this new addition so I packed up the kids and headed down.  We had a fantastic time.  I was able to meet the birth mom and visit Carianne and the new baby at the hospital. Unfortunately it isn't a happy ending yet.  We found out after we left that the birth father had contested the adoption.  I hope and pray that things will work out in their favor.  They are faithful people and I know the Lord will bless them for their faith and patience.  Keep them in your prayers!

 The kids did the Mayor's run in Gilbert.  The kids rode their bikes and Carianne and I ran.  I was the only one to finish.  Kate fell off her bike and my kids spotted the doughnuts and quit early.

We spent some time with the best kids ever.  My kids are so lucky to have such good cousins. 

Grandpa Randy was always willing to take the kids on walks. Pete was able to practice his new bike riding skills!

This is my BFF Frances.  My mom has been watching her a few days each week.  It was fun to be able to spend so much time with her.  She is sure Key-ute! 

We were lucky enough to be down for Henry's 2nd birthday party.  He loves Micky Mouse and had a Micky themed party.  After we were able to go to Disney on Ice.  My dad got box seats through work and it was awesome.  

One quick story:  Pete was chewing on a glow stick when we realized his pants were glowing.  A few seconds later he was crying in pain and had gotten glow stick stuff in his eyes!  It was a good thing we were in the box because we spent 20 minutes flushing his eyes with water.  And no, his eyes weren't glowing. 

It is hot down in Phoenix... even at the beginning of April.  We're talking high 90's.  We hit up the splash pad to keep cool. 

On the way to AZ we made record time.  The kids and I stopped only twice to get gas and go to the bathroom.  The way back was torture.  Once we got through Las Vegas the traffic was going really slow.  I kept calling Brenden to find out if there had been an accident.  At one point traffic had completely stopped and everyone was hanging out outside their cars in the middle of the dessert.  No one knew what was going on.  It turns out there were some crazy ranchers who blocked off I-15 and I was right in the middle of it! I wanted to roll my window down and give them the thumbs down but I saw their big guns and didn't. 

It was a great trip! I am so lucky to live close enough to hop in the car and drive!  People think I am crazy for traveling solo with the kids for 12 hours but I am just thrilled I can do it. 12 hours is a whole lot better than 20 hours from Nebraska!