Sunday, November 27, 2011


We decided to take a little trip and go to Lied Lodge in Nebraska City for Thanksgiving where we ate a delicious Thanksgiving buffet.  I was a little nervous because this was a cloth napkin kind of place.  Our 2 monsters don't have too much experience in places like this but they were great!  Emmie ate more ham then I ever thought possible.  There was a pool and a little nature park which was really fun. The weather was great!  It was like an Arizona Thanksgiving.  If you notice... no coats!

If you are in the area, I highly recommend going.  This place would be gorgeous in the fall!

Disney on Ice

Right after we got back from AZ Emmie and I, along with her friend Kate and her mom Leah, went to see Disney on Ice.  It was so much fun especially having been to Disneyland the week before.  Emmie loved it and even though it was freezing in the arena, she did not want to wear her coat over her princess dress. I also want to let you know that Emmie ate the whole box of popcorn herself. 

I heart Disneyland

The kids and I took a trip to AZ in October/November to visit family.  We had a grand time but the highlight was Disneyland.  Every one of our family members from both Brenden and mine were able to go (too bad not all at once).  We were able to spend 3 days there and it was great!  Brenden even flew in and surprised everyone for a weekend to go with us.  

I wish I could post all the pictures. Thanks for the memories everyone!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011