Sunday, March 16, 2014

Carianne and Kate

I talked Carianne and Kate into driving up to see us for their spring break.  Carianne accepted the 12 hour solo trip challenge! We loved having them here. Emmie was thrilled to have a sleepover every night although the excitement was a little too much for them as they "tried" to go to sleep each night. 

We went to the park, the children's museum, City creek mall where we bribed them with iPads and iPhones as Carianne and I did a little Anthropologie and West Elm shopping, and to get cookies. It was so nice having them here. Emmie even played hooky from school for a couple days so she could play with Kate. Emmie and Peter both say they miss Kate on a daily basis.

Thanks for making the long trip! We can't wait until they get to come back in June!