Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games

My neighbor came over the other day and invited me to go to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games... in costume.  Um... Yes!  We visited the Goodwill and some consignment shops and altered some clothes into some pretty awesome costumes.  We went as Effie and Capital people.  It was really fun but kids kept coming up and asking us for pictures.  Really?  We were the only ones over 17 who dressed up.  My friend Lauren (Effie) even won the costume contest. 

And I would like to say for the record that I am not pregnant in the picture above.  It is called a pizza food baby.

Friday, March 16, 2012


The kids and I just got back from a long trip to Arizona.  February/March is the best time to go visit.  The weather was perfect.  We had a blast!  I can't think about it too much because it makes me a little teary to think we live far away but we'll be back in May!

This was day 1.  Covered in mud.

Wicked!  It was awesome. Thank you daddy!

We spent a good amount of time at Grandma B's.  Here we are throwing oranges to the cows.  My mom, grandma and I all threw one to see who's would go the farthest.  Grandma won.

Chuck-e-cheese.  I never want to return but my kids LOVE it so until next time.

Our cousin Kate takes gymnastics at a really cool gym.  Here is Emmie mid-air jumping into the foam pit.  The girl is fearless.

Pete is mooching ice cream off of Grandma.  She gladly spoons it into his mouth. 

Emmie's very first official haircut.  Yes, she is 3 1/2.  It really did take that long for it to grow past her ears!

Pete loving the tractor at Grandma B's.  One day we went out there and my grandma said, "we should go to the park" and then we said, "this is the park".

Emmie's favorite people in the whole world are her cousins.  We took them to see Beauty in the Beast in 3-D.  They even dressed up for the occasion. 

The Rensink grandparents even came down!  It was so fun being able to see them.  And yes Jenna, I included this picture on purpose.

Emmie got to go to preschool as her cousin's show and tell.  It was pretty cute.  Here she is showing everyone her new shoes... and her underpants. Luckily Lorinda had a pair of leggings which quickly got put on.

Emmie and I took Jenna lunch at school.  Isn't she just the cutest 2nd grader?  We had so much fun.

The Phoenix zoo. Why do kids love the petting zoo so much?  At least they give you these neat little mits to comb their hide. I don't know about you but goat's eyes freak me out.

We had a cowboy-themed baby shower/party for my sister-in-law Lorinda.

Here we played "There's a snake in my boots". I now have 20 little plastic snakes around my house since my mom make me pack them up and take them with me.

The end.

We had so much fun.  It was nice getting to spend time with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends.  We are so lucky to have such a terrific family.  We can't wait until next time!

Monday, March 5, 2012

We have been in AZ for the last 2 weeks.  It has been a blast.  While we have been away I have noticed that my kids truly are disgusting.  They are constantly dirty.  It must be the dry Arizona soil because they look like pigpen every day.  To give you an idea of how gross they are, I'm going to give you a list. I'll let you guess what thing goes with who.  

1. Found a used band aid in their mouth.
2.  Tooted and then asked their cousin to smell it. 
3.  Played in the toilet so often I ran out of shirts... and once while their sister was going #2. 
4.  Had the dirtiest feet I have ever seen and then decided to bite their toe nail.  
5.   Likes to suck on rocks and leaves and dog food.
6.  Finger pained with ice cream all over the booth at Jason's Deli.
7.  Licked the entire chair seat at Jason's Deli.
 8. Goes through the trash regularly. 
9.  Was given a piece of granola bar which was squished, dropped, stuck on the bottom side of a sock, then picked up and eaten. 
10. Was sent to the bathroom before bed and after about 15 minutes came out with wet arms past their elbows.
I know there are more.  I promise that Brenden and I are good, clean people.  We have taught our kids none of these habits.  Where do they get this?  And I want you to know you'd be surprised which were Pete are which were Emmie.