Sunday, January 20, 2013

Radom pics

Boys will be boys.

A bed is really just a trampoline.

Merida really lives in my house.

How many kids can you fit in a mini smart car?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas festivities

We had the pleasure of hosting Brenden's family for Christmas this year.  His sister and her family came along with his parents. Can you believe they drove from AZ!?  We had a great time.  They brought these beauties along with them who were the highlight of Emmie and Pete's Christmas. 

Our days were spent mostly inside playing and coloring but we let the kids run around in the snow one afternoon as most of us watched from the windows.  I guess snow is a novelty when you live in Phoenix!

Christmas eve we had our turkey feast.  Brenden made a delicious bird and we ate until we were stuffed and then we ate again.  Jenna was in charge of our Christmas nativity.  She arranged all the costumes and assigned parts.  She not only directed but also starred as Mary while Grandpa Pete read from Luke.  It was marvelous. We also made Santa some cookies (which were not very good-that's what we get for buying store bought dough).  Little Pete thought it was better to just eat the flour. The night ended in a dog pile as all good parties should and we wouldn't be having fun unless someone gets hurt.  This time the casualty was Jenna... and maybe a little Cora. 

Christmas morning!  We put a baby gate at the top of the stairs so the kids would not be temped to come disturb parents...I mean Santa.  We ate a nice waffle breakfast and lounged around all day.  I stayed in my pj's and didn't even bother to brush my hair or teeth which is why there are no pictures of me.

We were sad to see everyone go.  It was definitely a Christmas to remember.  We shared laughs and germs.  Almost everyone was sick at some point.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family.  Thanks for making the trip!  You were the highlight of our year!