Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cabin 2013

Some of the best memories I have as a kid happened at my grandparent's cabin in Island Park, ID.  I was so excited to take my kids this year because they were old enough to love it and make memories of their own.  There are a few things that are a must at the cabin...
 #1- You will get dirty.  Sometimes I cringed when I looked at my kids but I just had to let it go. It's part of the fun!

#2- Hammock swinging is a must. Especially when you get to swing with your cousins.  *Remember about 1992 all the Buehner cousins were on the hammock and it broke!? 

#3- The Playmill.  We got to see Beauty and the Beast and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  The fudge is heaven.

#4- Shopping in West Yellowstone.  There are all sorts of fun trinkets to buy.  

#5- Yellowstone Park: The mud pots and Old Faithful.  Notice the sweet shirts we scored the day before in West.

#6- Campfire.  This time we kicked it up a notch and had sparklers.  There were a couple times I feared for Kate and Emmie's hair. 

#7- Swimming in the river.  It is terribly cold but the kids loved it.   Kate was the only one brave enough to jump in!

#8- Fishing on the river.  I can't get over how beautiful this place is!

Thanks to all that made this trip possible.   We loved it!

Temple Square

I found these pictures and had to post them.  Good memories were made!  We loved having you! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our first week in Utah

 When we first arrived in Salt Lake we were able to have our first visitors... Kate and Becca.  These two girls were our best buddies in Kearney.  I love that they were willing to drive over and see us.  We miss them terribly! 

Pete and Linda were able to come and help with the move.  Although our stuff wasn't here, they still were a tremendous help.  Can you imagine entertaining your kids for days with a laptop and a couple my little ponies?  They saved the day!  

We were able to head down to Orem days and visit Brenden's cousin Kelsey and her family.  It was a blast. Despite Pete's face, he really did like the roller coaster.

We made many trips to the splash pad. 

We stopped by the mall one evening and they were having free pony rides.  Score. 

Jenna, Cora, Noah, and Lorinda were driving up to WA and stopped to stay at our house.  We had planned on being settled for about a week before they came. What we didn't plan on was not having any stuff!  It was fun having 5 kids and 5 adults staying in a completely empty house.  No really, it was.  We had a great time and no one seemed to mind that the only seating we had was one couch and a bunch of camping chairs. 

Everyone left and went back up to WA and our stuff was delivered the next day. Despite the speed bumps things have been great and we are slowly settling in.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful family who would drive an entire day to help us out.  We can't thank you enough!

Happy Birthday to Emmie

 Right after we moved in Emmie had a birthday.  She is now 5!  I can not believe this.  We had no furniture and our stuff hadn't arrived yet but I was smart enough to take her gifts with us. We had a fantastic birthday.  Grandpa Pete and Grandma Linda were able to be here.  We opened presents, went to a candy store (she got $$ from great-grandmas and all she wanted to buy was candy) and then we had a little family gathering at Chuck-E-Cheese. It can't get much better when you are 5.  

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite color: Pink and Purple
Favorite TV show: My Little Pony
Favorite thing to do: Make science experiments
Favorite place to be: Chuck-E-Cheese
Best Friend: Kate in Nebraska, Jenna, Cora, and Kate in Arizona