Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to our dads who wore plaid shirts, thick-rimmed glasses, and drove classic cars when they were cool the first time.  We don't care what your other children say...we still think you are cool (that's why we're your favorite, right?)!

Happy Father's day to this guy who is very good at playing with these two.  Even when "red" is acting like this...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Years of Being Awesome

That's right - Brenden and Julianne have been married for 7 years.  Here are some very random pictures from a few of our exploits, a little walk down memory lane.

2003, on our way to Canyon Lake on one of our first dates.

Wedding day, duh.  Did you know that Julianne designed her own wedding dress?  Yup.  She's just that cool.

 2005.  First of 5 (I think) trips to the Buehner cabin at Mack's Inn, ID.  This is on Sawtell Mtn.

 2006.  Snowman with the Barreras.  I still don't think Julianne has acclimated to the snow.  She'll forgive me someday, I hope.

 2007.  New Years Eve, AZ.

2008. Table Rock Lake.  Us, the Hulses and Barreras went down there for 2 Labor Days in a row (and Coco Keys once).  Good times.

 2008. Chewing our fists with Emmie.

 2009.  I can't count how many times we've been to Old Faithful.

 2010.  Diamondbacks game, courtesy of Randy!  (Julianne was pregnant)

 2010.  Our new little man, Pete.

Julianne is still the best decision I ever made.  Here's to 7 more.  That will make us almost 40 by that point.  Yikes!  I love you Julianne!

Happy Birthday to Emmie!

It's Emmie's 3rd birthday today!  

Things we love about Emmie:
She can do just about everything all by herself... and will let you know it. 
Her favorite things are cereal, candy and movies. 
She is the friendliest person I know and LOVES her family and friends.
She can make Pete laugh every time... we can't.
We can finally put her hair in pigtails. 
She makes us smile everyday with the witty things she says.


1 year

2 years

3 years
We love you Emilia Mae!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fixing Luigi, Day 2

If talking about scooter maintenance bores you, skip down to the pictures.

Today, Matt and I aimed to split the case, blowtorch old clutch-side and flywheel-side bearing out and new ones in, swap out the full set of transmission clutch plates, replaces all the seals and gaskets, piston rings, front brakes and some other miscellaneous things.  

I have learned that when dealing with a vintage scooter that is (literally) older than you are, things never go to plan. 

What didn't go to plan:
It turns out that the original seize was NOT caused by the bearings (we think).  Once we split the case, we found the clutch-side oil seal had a large piece missing.  A big piece fell out of the case and was probably lodged in the bearings, causing them to catch.  The remaining missing pieces are probably what got into the cylinder in the first place, caused the seize and some (very minor) scoring on the piston.  So - we decided not to swap out the bearing.

While trying to replace the clutch-side oil seal that had busted, the new one got damaged during install.  Effectively, this stalls everything until that part arrives next week.  Lame.

With the engine dismantled, we found that the rear brake pads looked almost new - so they didn't need replaced and just needed cable adjustments.  When we opened up the front brakes (which recently had been almost useless) we found they too were in almost perfect shape.  So, we adjusted cables.  Looks like I will have some brake shoes to return to scooterworks.

What went right:

We replaced the cruciform.  This is a problem Luigi has had since day 1.  VERY rough shifting, which we had always assumed was due to a worn out cruciform.  When, last year, it started to literally slip out of gear while driving and then popping back in - we were certain it was shot.  Sure enough, it was VERY worn.  So - new one is in and that should make things run smoother.

Got some random seals replaced.

Replaced piston rings.  This took a whole of 20 seconds, but I did manage to cut my thumb.

Used carb cleaner to cleaner the engine.  WOW.  That stuff is amazing.  Just don't get it into cuts - it hurts.

So, now we have to wait until next week and hopefully can finish up.  If Matt can get this thing back together (necessary) and running again (optional, but fingers crossed) I will owe him some HUGE favors.

Fly wheel shrowd, rear hub, clutch, etc...


 Dirty, but surprisingly not worn rear brake shoes


 Poor Mr. Piston.  He misses Mrs. Cylinder.  They have been apart for this long since they got married.

New Family Pictures

We recently had our family pictures taken by our friend Stacie.  She did a great job and I am so happy to have updated pictures.  Maybe I will even get some printed and put up of Pete so there is proof that he actually exists. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

8 Months!

Happy 8th month birthday to our boy Pete. 

His latest tricks include:
 Having bottom teeth (not really a trick but it is new)
Pulling himself up and standing
Throwing his pacifier out of his crib
Discovering the secret to cold fusion
Saying Mama and Dada
Tipping things over and getting into things he shouldn't

What do you think about hair color?  I think we were just kidding ourselves.  The kid has RED hair.  Brenden is still hoping for strawberry blonde. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grandma Jody's Visit

My mom came to visit last week.  I was finishing up school and Brenden has a ton of work to do so she came and watched the kiddos for us.  The kids had a great time!  I am sure she is tired and my dad is glad to have her back.  We miss her already!

Thank you for coming mom!  We LOVED having you.

Now if your name is on the following list, we expect to have you visit next!

Grandma Linda, Grandpa Pete
Grandpa Randy
Lorinda, Matthew, Jenna, Cora
Carianne, Rusty, Kate
Jeff, Vita
Gregg, Rachael

If you didn't make the list, we'd love to see you too but it isn't a requirement.

Now, just so you know AZ people, Allegiant Air flies into Grand Island, NE which is like 30 minutes outide of Kearney- bookmark it!

Emmie's 3rd Birthday Party

We had Emmie's 3rd birthday party while my mom was here.   It was a carnival theme.  I might have gone a bit overboard but I learn from the best.  Anyone been to one of Lorinda's parties?  OR Randy's wedding receptions?

We had face painting by the wonderful Jody Van Gogh.

Marvelous balloon dogs and flowers.

Fishing for goodies.

Treat walk.

Picnic dinner. 

 A good time was had... especially by Pete.