Monday, September 29, 2008

My MA Thesis got Wordled

That's right, Wordled. There is a great free website that creates word clouds for any text you enter in. Here is what my MA Thesis popped out. The bigger the word, the more frequent it was in the text.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Other Misc. Pictures

So, we haven't been very good at posting our new pictures. Here's some samples from the latest batch (whole album here).

Emilia in her exersaucer

Emilia in b/w contrast

Emilia squealing

Oh my word! Julianne is so gorgeous!

Family pictures at the Sunken Gardens here in Lincoln.

Me playing with Emilia after work (hence, the super snazzy duds)

A Redhead?!?!

Yes, from the get go, it has been looking like Emilia will be a redhead. Well, maybe a strawberry-blond-head. Here's the latest photographic evidence:

Here's a closeup of her slowly growing peach fuzz.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where does the $ come from?

It just struck me that amassing a killer vinyl collection seems somewhat incongruous with the starving grad student budget. "How then," some of you may be asking," Does Brenden fund his unhealthy vinyl habit?" I'll tell you my secret. I have been taking all of my old CDs and lots of old books I don't want, and selling them online. Also, I have done some wise investing in certain vinyl titles which I have been able to resell for profit. So there you have it. No, I haven't happened upon large sums of cash with which I'm buying these records, I'm just trading in all my old stuff for them. Also, quite a few were given to me as gifts. So far, I think it has worked quite well.


A happy International Talk like a Pirate Day to all!

Here's some tunes to celebrate the occasion.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anniversary photo- 4 blissful years

Every year on our anniversary we find a photo booth and get our picture taken. The first time we went the booth was out of paper. So we waited a few weeks which turned into months and went again. This time we sat down, put our $3 in and got our picture taken. As we were waiting for our picture to print a nice sign came up and said... out of paper (we did get a refund in the mail). So finally went a third time last week and our anniversary was June 11. This was the result- a lovely anniversary photo.

Jerry Seinfeld + Bill Gates =

Who knew that Bill Gates had a good sense of humor. Although being very awkward, there is something kind of endearing about his weirdness. In any case, check out this great Microsoft commercial with Gates and Seinfeld. It cracked me up.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Under Construction

Sorry for the mess. The blog is under construction

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Emmie @ 3 months

This week will be Emilia's 3 month birthday. We can't believe it. She is getting increasingly cuter and more fun. She smiles a lot, is generally content and is starting to act like she has a bit of a personality.

Here are some pictures we took this evening.

There are some great sunflower-daisy looking flowers all over the roads out here, so we picked a patch and took some pictures in front of it.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Missouri

Our friend Brad had access to a lakeside condo down at Table Rock Lake in Missouri, so the Hulses, Barreras and us all went for a trip. We drove down Friday night and were pleased to find out that the water had been turned off in the condo. That made things interesting. We finally got it turned on midway through Saturday. In any case, we spent the weekend swimming at the pool, rented a jet ski and made our way into Branson for dinner. If you were pondering going to Branson, don't. It epitomizes everything that drives me crazy about American tourist traps.. If I had to bring a group of foreigners to only one place in the US, Branson would absolutely dead last on my list. It was beyond horrific.

Here's some pictures (more can be viewed here)

Mike, Brad and Brenden doing some synchronized stupidity.

More synchronized idiocy.

Lola with a graham cracker stuck to her chest

Julianne and Emmie

Mike, Ella and Lola

Us looking pasty white.

Emily and Ella out for a float

Ella doing ballerina poses, Brenden trying and succeeding in ruining a nice picture

Lola eating the table at Cakes and Cream - a 50's diner in Branson

Jamie's frito-pie

Brad thought it looked so tasty, he got one too.

Our failed picnic swimming trip. Somehow Brad's GPS device led us to Rockaway Beach. Not recommended. Julianne thought it was a bit creepy.

Emmie smiling at the pool

The Barreras on the waverunner

Ella playing with the grass

Ella in the Grass