Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Visitors

 Right after we got home from Washington for Thanksgiving we had some of our best friends come stay with us.  We are realizing that we see quite a few Nebraska friends here in Utah.  It seems like everyone has a Utah connection. We enjoyed having Brad, Emily, Mya and Madison stay for a couple days.  The highlight was the trampoline park... especially because Brad turned on his charm and got he and Brenden in for half off! Thanks for coming to visit!  We miss you guys! 

 Later that week my parents came up for a short weekend trip to hear my holiday orchestra concert.  It was fun having them here even though it was in the teens the whole time!  My poor mom never took her coat off.  They ended up driving our car home in the snow and leaving their van here.  Their van is not used to the cold!  The poor van spent most of the week in the shop due to a little ice skating incident with my dad.  After a hefty repair bill it was back to normal.

Sprinkles anyone?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whatcom Falls Park

 We have taken the same photo in the same spot 3 times now.  Isn't it amazing how good looking we are after 10 years!?

2003- before we were married, Brenden shaved his head the day before

2007- Pregnant with Emmie

 2013- happy as ever

Now including 2 cute red-heads. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in Washington

 Last week we drove up to Bellingham, Washington to spend Thanksgiving with Grandpa Pete and Grandma Linda this year.  It was a long drive (13.5 hours) but worth it!  The weather was fantastic so we were able to enjoy playing outside almost every day.  

Panorama of Pete and Linda's backyard.  We can't wait to come play here next summer!

We went to Boulevard Park and Taylor dock where we tried to find some crabs.  The tide was really high so we ended up just throwing things in the ocean.  Excuse Brenden's questionable attire.  He had just finished running a 1/2 marathon up in the Chuckanut Mtns and was still wearing his running gear.  Men in Tights!

Here are a couple pics from Brenden's run up into the Chuckanut Mtns to Lost, Pine and Cedar Lakes:


The touch tank has been a favorite for many years now.  The kids loved it although they were too scared to actually touch anything.  There was a large octopus in the dome tank.  The guy working there said that he eats crab so they throw one in there about once a day.  It was funny because the crab would follow you around the tank with these pleading eyes that screamed, "get me out of here"!

We took the kids to Whatcom Falls Park. Where I'm from a park is a play structure with some rocks around it.  In Washington this is what they call a park - and its in the middle of town.  About 1.5 miles from Pete and Linda's place.  Pete didn't like how loud the falls were so he closed his ears. I still can't believe people get to live here.

The morning of Thanksgiving we took our bikes out and took a little walk through the woods. It was a beautiful morning.  I really think the Lord spent a little extra time when he created this part of the world.  Arizona got cheated.

It was fun to watch the kids and how they loved being with grandpa and grandma.  We also got to visit Great Grandma and play with her poodle Tedi.  Sorry to all the grandparents but I think Tedi was the highlight of the trip.

Our last night in Washington we got to go visit Santa in Fairhaven.  It was the perfect ending to a great trip! 

Thanks to Pete and Linda for having us! We loved every minute of it.  I'm glad we got to spend thanksgiving with you (and other aunts, uncles, cousins...).  We are sure thankful for you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Garbage can

Early Friday morning you sat in the dark, quiet on the curb awaiting the day's start.

Nervous and anxious to empty your trash, unaware you'd soon meet your smash.

We can only imagine the horror and pain, as the garbage shook and dropped you the same.

Down into the truck you mistakenly fell, to be compacted and delivered to a cold landfill hell.

Confusion and worry was met later that day, as we scratched our heads wondering what was at play. 

Who would take a gross garbage can? The city confirmed it was our own garbage man. 

We do like our new can, It has much less smell. Sometimes mishaps can turn out quite well. 


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's no surprise that I love Halloween.  It is one of my favorite holidays. I spend the whole year thinking about what we will dress up as.  I had plans this year which involved an already sewn Cinderella and Fairy Godmother costume.  I was ready for a low stress Halloween.  Well... Emmie REALLY wanted to be a vampire.  I was talked into it and about a week before Halloween my life became a sewing sweat shop. I made all the costumes except mine.  I think Pete's took the longest.  I sewed the strips onto a thermal shirt and pants.  I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed sewing in such little time, it made me feel like I a contestant in one of my favorite shows, Project Runway!

In case you are wondering, we are a mummy, vampire, werewolf (not a bear) and a witch. We really wanted to get Brenden some tiny basketball shorts so he could be teen wolf but we ran out of time... lucky for him!

Road trip

 The kids and I made another trip down to AZ for my newest niece's baby blessing.  Frances is super cute with big blue eyes and fuzzy dark hair.  Emmie was smitten and tried to hold her any chance she got. We had lunch after church at my grandparent's house in Gilbert. The kids enjoyed running wild.

Peter had another birthday party.  This time with ALL the family.  It was fun to have an excuse to be together and have a party.  Peter requested a monster cake which we happily bought at Fry's.  It wasn't nearly as good at the dirt cups grandma made for everyone... complete with a worm.

I am going to say this now. In a year or so these three are going to be trouble.  Look.. Noah is already eating Henry's cake and Peter is happy about it.  I bet Peter put him up to it.

The weather in Arizona in October is almost perfect.  Upper 70's is awesome so we spent many afternoons outside on bikes.  It's a good thing Emmie learned how to ride her bike before this trip!

We had lunch with Great Grandma B. It was a delicious burger from In-N-Out.  I want you to take notice of the extremely large dog in the back.  This dog's back was as tall as Peter's head.  Peter kept going over to it to pet it but then would chicken out.  He could have ridden this dog like a horse. 

No trip is complete without a trip to IKEA.  I love to these kids make themselves at home. It does look pretty homey doesn't it?

My cousin Heather and her family were in town so we got together with them for a brunch at my sister's house.  It was fun. We have the best family.  I am so glad everyone enjoys being together.  This is Great Grandma C with some of the great grand kids.  Grandma holding Frances makes Frances look like a giant baby...or a tiny grandma. 

Emmie and I got to go see the Lion King.  It was AMAZING!  We took Emmie to see Beauty in the Beast last year but it was in a hockey arena.  Not a good place for broadway.  We had the best seats and we loved every minute.  I would go see this again in a heart beat.  

We followed Grandpa Pete and Grandma Linda a few days after they came down.  It was fun spending more time with them.  If you can't tell, these kids love these two. 

Rita's.  Italian ice+ice cream= perfection.  If you haven't tried it, you need to. 

I took some pictures of all the cousins.  After we let them play at the park.  Aunt Carianne was nice enough to swing the guts out of these guys.  Jenna, Cora and Kate loved it.  Emmie had a harder time but succumbed to peer pressure and toughed it out.

On our last night we went to the pumpkin patch at Schneff farm.  It was great! They had rides, petting zoo, hay ride and the best funnel cake I have ever eaten. 

Grandpa Randy loves the roller coaster!

Before we left I tried to get a picture with my dad and the grand kids. When I said sit by grandpa that meant stand in a line behind grandpa.  I don't know what Emmie is doing.

It was a fun trip. Thanks to everyone who rearranged their schedule!  Well worth the 12 hours of torture each way in the car.