Monday, August 19, 2013


Emmie's first day of Kindergarten was today.  I don't know if you can call it her first day because it was only 45 minutes long and Brenden and I stayed the whole time.  She was successful in smuggling some lip gloss into her backpack and already got in trouble for using it during "class". I had to laugh.  She is a funny one. Her first official day is Thursday.  She is going to love it.

And thanks to Carianne for the favorite idea.  I can't take credit for this. 

Trip to AZ

The kids and I decided to take a quick (and by quick I mean the decision to go was quick) trip to Arizona before Emmie started school.  It was my first time driving 10+ hours solo with both kids.  How was it you ask?  Not too bad!  Luckily my kids LOVE movies and gum and fruit snacks which are all easy things to give them. 

We had all the family together for Sunday dinner. 

We went to see the movie...hmmm... I can't remember.  We went to a movie and had the kids picture taken after. 

 Jenna is turning into quite the seamstress and she made all the girls matching bags.

We went to Superstition Springs mall and rode these bad boys.  Great Grandma B came along and we had fun chasing after these two.  Can I just mention I want one?  Someday I will live in a one story house with only tile and I will ride it everywhere. 

Even Grandpa and Grandma got to hitch a ride.

We had our back to school cousins party at Chuck E Cheese. 

Our official back to school party was a hit.  We ate "sack lunches" and played games like pictionary and the fruit basket tipped over. 

 Jenna and Cora made delicious cream-icicles for dessert.

This was a fashion show of the first day of school outfits turned Taylor Swift dance party.  The girls were adorable.  I want to mention that this is how I see them when they are together...they are always in a blur because they move so fast. 

We went to the splash pad... and the pool... and played in the sprinkler.  It was H.O.T. 

The main reason I wanted to go visit is so I could be there to meet this little one.  Our newest niece/cousin Frances Marie.  She is darling. I was so happy I could be there when she was born. I have to admit though, we missed having Uncle Gregg and Aunt Rachael around for all of our antics. I guess they had more important things to do *sarcasm*. 

Like always, we had a blast and can't wait for next time!