Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go Team History

It was our good friend Brent's birthday on Tuesday. Brent and Brenden have this running joke that they are "Team History" (Brent is also doing his PhD in history at UNL). Here they are in their matching team history t-shirts we made for his birthday. Ah. . . how cute.

Thanks to the Webber's for the awesome photo!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Emilia the Speed Demon

Summer for 2 days

This week we had a couple of days that hit the high 80's.

Brenden: We need at least a month of nice, mild 60's and 70's before the heat.
Julianne: Winter is finally over- bring on the heat!

It has been nice enough that we can go out to our little grassy patch. Emmie hasn't been outside here since last summer, poor girl. I have to say not having to bundle her up has been great!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emilia Mischief - Episode 1: She's a smart one!

Emilia Mischief
Episode 1:
She's a smart one!

Julianne wanted to try and teach Ems some baby sign language. I thought that sounded like a fine enough idea - why not have a trilingual baby? So, Julianne bought a book that came with some little flash cards. Emilia must be picking it up SUPER fast because of all the cards that she pulled off of the table, she only ate the "eat" card. What a smart kid!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009


We have been waiting for Emmie to be big enough to wear a pair of chuck taylors and we found the perfect pair while we were in Texas. I think size 2 is the smallest they make. Pretty cute, eh?

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Emmie has been into everything lately. I can't tell you how many crazy things I have pulled out of this girl's mouth. While I was at work Brenden thought it would be a good idea to trap her in the pack and play. This was the result.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter in Tejas

We drove down to Texas for the Easter weekend to visit our good friends and former neighbors, the Barreras. We left after Brenden's Thursday class at 2:00 pm on the dot. We were anticipating a 10 hour trip. Brenden and I are road warriors. We will drive any distance with only the occasional stop to the gas station. Emmie is not so well disciplined. What? You have to have your diaper changed? Can't you wait an hour to eat Emmie? Overall, she did great. Well, we finally arrived- at 2:00 am. We were also detoured by wildfires in Oklahoma. I think it would have been pretty cool to drive through a blazing inferno- and it would have cut out about 45 minutes.

We went to the park one day and had a little picnic. The Barreras had warned us that the ducks at this park were kind of aggressive. Brenden thought it would be funny to see if a duck would eat a piece of bread out of his mouth and it did!

We also went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It was really pretty. This is at the Japanese garden. Someday I want my back yard to look like this but that would mean living someplace other than AZ so I might have to make a sacrifice (the backyard). Afterwards we ate at a great BBQ place called Angelos and filled our bellies with all sorts of meat.

Emmie loved Ella and Lola. Here they are on Easter in their cute Easter dresses.

This was my first attempt at making a dress for Emmie. The inside looks pretty scary and I won't tell you how many times I took it apart and put it back together. In the end it turned out pretty cute. Too bad she had a fever and didn't even wear it to church!

Thank you Barrera's for the excellent weekend. We sure do miss you guys!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Remember when

We have been scanning old family pictures from my childhood. I would like to name this post remember when. . .

Remember when this lovely couple was married, August 17, 1979?

Remember when this cute girl was born and when her dad had black hair not to mention, a very cool plaid shirt?

Remember when Carianne was a messy eater? Has she gotten better Rusty?

Remember when Julianne had a sleek haircut and Carianne was bald but very cute?

Remember when short shorts were all the rage?

Were crop tops ever the rage?

Remember when you could walk all the way to the gate at the airport and the welcome sign wasn't electronic?

Remember when my cousin Heather was really a gypsy?

More to come. . .