Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the Grandmas

Variations on a Theme by Pete

Saturday, February 12, 2011

51 degrees feels like Heaven!

Last Monday it was 3 degrees.  No, I didn't forget another number after the three.  It was 3 degrees.  I had to pump gas and literally thought I had frost bite on my hands.  You know how they tell you not to get back in your car?  Yeah right. 

Well, it was a delightful 51 degrees today!  I saw people wearing shorts and sandals.  I am not that crazy but 50 degrees makes a huge difference.  We even bundled up the kids and took them to the school to play at the play ground.  

On another note, Emmie and I make valentines cookies.  We gave some away but the rest I singlehandedly finished off.  They were delicious.  I don't make sugar cookies very often but they are one of my favorites. 

The last bit of information is about our baby Pete. Do you notice how clear his face is?  Well, he had his 4 month check up this last week and the doc said he had eczema on his face.  We changed up his formula and put some cortisone 10 on his face and it cleared up faster than you can say lizard skin.

Abby Cadabby

I called my mom the other day and she said Kate had showed up to her house in pig tails.  You see, Kate comes from the same Clawson genes which makes hair growth a little slower.  She told me that my sister, Carianne, had probably told Kate that it was Abby Cadabby hair to get her to keep them in.

  I decided to try it and it worked!  This isn't the best picture but you get the idea.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Burgers a la Brenden

Take ground beef, add secret herbs, spices, etc...

 Add sharp cheese, preferably stacked in a large tower

Add crispy, crispy bacon

Do NOT add lettuce or tomato.  In the words of Alton Brown, this stuff belong in a salad, not on a burger.

Do not add Yuckamole, unless you're into that type of thing.

Add secret sauce.

Grill, pink in the middle.

Stack 'em 2 high...(crispy french fried onions not pictured) on an Onion bun.

Dislocate jaw, consume

Emmie needs some dental work

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breaking news

I'm sure you'll never guess so I'll tell you.  The breaking news is Pete tried rice cereal for the first time today.  I know exciting, right?  He 4 months old today.

Does he like it?  Not so sure.


Emmie loves throwing snowballs... and having snowballs thrown at her. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This is our fridge.  It is a mess.  I was getting something to eat today and noticed how cluttered it is.  Isn't it funny how you don't even notice things when they have been the same way so long?  Now I want you to know that the rest of our house doesn't look like this.  As I stood there figuring out what all the junk was I couldn't help but think, this fridge is just like my brain. 

Pete laughing

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