Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kayaking with Ken

For the last couple years when we make it up to Bellingham I have gone either Snowboarding @ Mt. Baker or Mtn. Biking on Mt. Galbraith with my best friend Ken.  This time, we borrow my aunt and uncles Sea Kayaks (thank you John and Debbie!!!).  This is something we always wanted to do, and it also worked out well since I feel way to out of shape to Mt. Bike on the uber-technical trails of Galbraith and Ken just rode the 200+ STP (Seattle-to-Portland) bike race on the weekend.

We launched at Larabee St. Park.  The weather was perfect.  70, sunny, almost no wind.  Starfish, Herons, jellyfish and two seals that stalked us for a while.  I think they were trying to lure us out to deeper water so they could eat us.  

Here's pics:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tide pools and Plover

Doesn't that sound like a Simon and Garfunkel song?  We went to Larabee State park the other day and tried to find little creatures in the tide pools.  All we found were tiny hermit crabs that looked more like spiders than crabs.  Don't you like how Pete is just hanging out?

We also went to Hovander Homestead Park where we looked at some animals and had a picnic.  We have a pretty good video of Brenden gobbling at them and them doing it back.  Don't they make you hungry?

We also took an awesome ferry from Blaine to Semiahmoo.  It was a small ferry from the 40's that held 17 people.  They even let the kids drive it.  We saw a bunch of seals sunbathing.  Did you know that seals smell terrible?

Here is Emmie driving the ferry.  What you don't see is the wheel being spun around and around.  Just kidding- she did great. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

We know you've missed us.

Hello everyone!  We are alive.  I know you have been checking google reader faithfully waiting for our next post.  We have been moving and traveling. As most of you know, we have recently moved to Kearney, NE, where we stayed for 2 nights, unpacked our suitcases, packed our suitcases, drove to Denver (Thanks you John and Carla), boarded a plane and are now relaxing with Brenden's parents in Bellingham, Washington.  It has been wonderful!  Here are some of the fun things we've been up to. 

My brother Gregg and his wife Rachael drove up from AZ to beat the heat.  We went to Whatcom Falls Park one of the first days we were here.  It is about a 1/2 mile from Brenden's parent and I can't ever get over how pretty everything is!

Thanks to Pete and Linda for watching the kids one day so we could go run around Seattle.  We went to Pike's Place Market where we ate nothing but junk.  We ate doughnuts, croissants, a peach the size of my head, and all sorts of free samples.  It is like the hipsters costco.  G and R came with us.  We also visited Gasworks Park, a neat-o record store and the LDS Seattle temple.

Birch Bay.  Super cool.  The tide goes out almost a mile so there is tons of sand to play in and when the tide does come in the water is only inches deep.  Pete started out in the backpacking seat but ended up in his diaper, covered in mud, splashing in the water.  Watch the video here.

We celebrated the 4th with a BBQ in the backyard.  It was fun visiting, eating, and seeing Brenden and his gang shoot cans into the air.  Ken and Gregg were especially patriotic.  Too bad they were celebrating Puerto Rico

Last but not least, a ferry ride to Friday Harbor.  Emmie LOVED the "fairy ride".  She was a little confused at first.  We had fun walking around the little town.  Emmie even saw a seal in the water!

We are loving our time here.  Thank you to Pete and Linda for hosting us! Brenden might be right, this just might be the Garden of Eden.