Saturday, July 19, 2014

Washington Summer 2014

We just got back from a road trip to Washington.  It was so fun and beautiful I might add. 
Do you remember watching good idea, bad idea on Animaniacs? This is my inspiration for this post. 

Good idea:  Road trip to visit grandpa and grandma
Bad idea:  Giving the kids too much liquid and having to stop 9 times (no joke)

Good idea: Launching waterballoons
Bad idea: Standing across the yard where they are launching the waterballoons

Good idea:  Going to birch bay with your cousins
Bad idea: Being a weenie about stepping on sea weed (Peter)

Good idea:  Digging in the sand
Bad idea:  Eating sand

Good idea:  Riding your bike
Bad idea: Riding your bike into the garage

Good idea: Having cute hair with flowers
Bad idea: Crushing up babies breath in your hair so it looks like dandruff

 Good idea: Pretending to fall in the water
Bad idea: Falling in the water while saying "hey I almost fell in the water"

Good idea:  Eating ice cream
Bad idea: Ice cream is always a good idea

 Good idea: Looking for crabs in the tide pools
Bad idea: Getting your shoe swallowed by mud

Good idea:  Playing at the spash pad
Bad idea: Playing at the splash pad in 70 degrees when you are used to 90 

Good idea: Doing leaf rubbings
Bad idea: doing leaf rubbings with stinging nettle 

Good idea: Climbing rocks
Bad idea: Not being able to get down and have your mom rescue you

Good idea: Taking a bath with your favorite cousin
Bad idea: Taking a bath with your favorite cousin who is not potty trained

 Good idea:  Building sand castles
Bad idea: Building sand castles too close to the water

Good idea:  Getting a pedicure
Bad idea: Getting a pedicure and then going to the beach and having your hard earned pedicure come off

Good idea: Touching sea life at the touch tank
Bad idea: Being too scared to touch the sea anemone (Peter)

Good idea: Picking up rocks and watching the crabs run for dear life
Bad idea: Screaming at the crabs (Noah)

Good idea: Going on walks on the trails with Grandpa Pete
Bad idea: Getting caught by this wild band of bandits

 Good idea: Skipping rocks
Bad idea: Throwing rocks (Peter and Noah)

Good idea: Playing in the sprinkler
Bad idea: Hiding under the sprinkler while your 2 year old cousin braves the spray

Thanks to everyone for the fun!  We sure did enjoy ourselves!


Anonymous said...

You are so creative! Love how you showed off your trip to WA. It was a fun time, we loved having you here! Hope you are adding these pics to the disk we hope to get some day?

Hyder Ali said...

This post made me giggle. Fun times, witty lady. ;)